Commit c28175e7 authored by Decoupes Remy's avatar Decoupes Remy
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fix typo

parent 2b1595ef
......@@ -191,15 +191,11 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
gephi["Label"] = gephi["tf_idf_terms"]
gephi["timeset"] = gephi["@timestamp"]
gephi = gephi[gephi["Target"].str.len() !=0] # filter out tweet that are not retweeted
gephi[["Id", "label", "Source", "Target", "Timestamp"]].to_csv(
gephi[["Id", "Label", "Source", "Target", "timeset"]].to_csv(
# gephi.to_csv("analysis-output/gephi-debug.csv")
# Node: newspapers (MOOD account followed)
gephi_node = pd.DataFrame(gephi[""].unique(), columns=[""])
gephi_node["Label"] = gephi_node.merge(news_paper_name, on="")["account"]
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