Commit 06008b74 authored by Bruno Bonte's avatar Bruno Bonte
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Changed name of .par file with valide area of hru

parent cae9b968
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@
<contextcomponent class="jams.components.core.Context" enabled="true" name="ParameterInput" version="1.0_0">
<component class="" enabled="true" name="StandardEntityReader" version="1.3">
<var name="reachFileName" value="parameter/reachs_grand_buech.par"/>
<var name="hruFileName" value="parameter/hru_cowat_minarea_grand_buech.par"/>
<var name="hruFileName" value="parameter/hru_cowat_smallminarea_grand_buech.par"/>
<var attribute="REACHES" context="J2K_RHONE" name="reaches"/>
<var attribute="HRUS" context="J2K_RHONE" name="hrus"/>
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