Commit cae9b968 authored by Bruno Bonte's avatar Bruno Bonte
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Removing Hrus with small area in GrandBuech jams model

	* Updating cowat_for_new_com_module_GB.jam with new hru_cowat_minarea_grand_buech.par file
	* removing hrus tronquee with null area (checked that there is no upstream hrus)
	* removing hrus-plot with area inferior than 10 m2
parent 3b776a14
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@
<contextcomponent class="jams.components.core.Context" enabled="true" name="ParameterInput" version="1.0_0">
<component class="" enabled="true" name="StandardEntityReader" version="1.3">
<var name="reachFileName" value="parameter/reachs_grand_buech.par"/>
<var name="hruFileName" value="parameter/hru_cowat_10_cor_grand_buech.par"/>
<var name="hruFileName" value="parameter/hru_cowat_minarea_grand_buech.par"/>
<var attribute="REACHES" context="J2K_RHONE" name="reaches"/>
<var attribute="HRUS" context="J2K_RHONE" name="hrus"/>
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
hrus <- read.table("superjams/data/J2K_cowat/parameter/hru_cowat_10_cor_grand_buech.par",
skip = 5,
sep= "\t",
dec = ".") %>%
#nb correspondance collonnes: V1, V2, V6, V7, V9, V13, V14
valide_hrus <- hrus%>% filter(V2 > 10) %>% tbl_df()
sep = "\t",
dec= ".",
row.names = F)
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