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v1.0.9.49 bug in CreateRunOptions fixed when QR1has been renamed QRExp in RunModel_*GR6J outputs

parent b13fefc2
Package: airGR
Type: Package
Title: Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
Date: 2017-09-13
Date: 2017-09-28
Authors@R: c(
person("Laurent", "Coron", role = c("aut", "trl")),
person("Charles", "Perrin", role = c("aut", "ths")),
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ CreateRunOptions <- function(FUN_MOD, InputsModel, IndPeriod_WarmUp = NULL, IndP
"AExch1", "AExch2", "AExch", "QR", "QD", "Qsim"); }
if(identical(FUN_MOD,RunModel_GR6J) | identical(FUN_MOD,RunModel_CemaNeigeGR6J)){
Outputs_all <- c(Outputs_all,"PotEvap", "Precip", "Prod", "Pn", "Ps", "AE", "Perc", "PR", "Q9", "Q1", "Rout", "Exch",
"AExch1", "AExch2", "AExch", "QR", "QR1", "Exp", "QD", "Qsim"); }
"AExch1", "AExch2", "AExch", "QR", "QRExp", "Exp", "QD", "Qsim"); }
Outputs_all <- c(Outputs_all,"PotEvap","Precip","AE","Perc","P3","Exch","Prod","Rout","Qsim"); }
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