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v1.0.8.0 new dataset added (Param_Sets_GR4J). It contains the generalist...

v1.0.8.0 new dataset added (Param_Sets_GR4J). It contains the generalist parameter sets for the GR4J model #4562
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Package: airGR
Type: Package
Title: Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
Date: 2017-06-13
Authors@R: c(
person("Laurent", "Coron", role = c("aut", "trl")),
\title{Generalist parameter sets for the GR4J model}
\format{Compromise short-list containing
\item {GR4J X1} {production store capacity [mm]}
\item {GR4J X2} {intercatchment exchange coefficient [mm/d]}
\item {GR4J X3} {routing store capacity [mm]}
\item {GR4J X4u} {unajusted unit hydrograph time constant [d]}
This dataset of parameter sets can be used for the grid-screening calibration procedure.
Please pay attention to the fact that the given GR4J X4u variable does not correspond to the actual GR4J X4 parameter.
As explained in Andréassian \emph{et al.} (2014; section 2.1), the given GR4J X4u value has to be adjusted (rescaled) using the catchment area (S) [km2] as follows: {X4 = X4u * S^0.3}.
Please, see the example below.
\code{\link{RunModel_GR4J}}, \code{\link{Calibration_Michel}}.
Andréassian, V., F. Bourgin, L. Oudin, T. Mathevet, C. Perrin, J. Lerat, L. Coron, L. Berthet (2014).
Seeking genericity in the selection of parameter sets: impact on hydrological model efficiency.
Water Resources Research, 50(10), 8356-8366, doi: 10.1002/2013WR014761.
## loading catchment data
## loading generalist parameter sets
## generalist parameter sets with real GR4J X4
Param_Sets_GR4J$X4 <- Param_Sets_GR4J$X4u * BasinInfo$BasinArea^0.3
Param_Sets_GR4J$X4u <- NULL
Param_Sets_GR4J <- as.matrix(Param_Sets_GR4J)
## preparation of the InputsModel object
InputsModel <- CreateInputsModel(FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J, DatesR = BasinObs$DatesR,
Precip = BasinObs$P, PotEvap = BasinObs$E)
## run period selection
Ind_Run <- seq(which(format(BasinObs$DatesR, format = "\%d/\%m/\%Y \%H:\%M")=="01/01/1990 00:00"),
which(format(BasinObs$DatesR, format = "\%d/\%m/\%Y \%H:\%M")=="31/12/1999 00:00"))
## preparation of RunOptions object
RunOptions <- CreateRunOptions(FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J,
InputsModel = InputsModel, IndPeriod_Run = Ind_Run)
## calibration criterion: preparation of the InputsCrit object
InputsCrit <- CreateInputsCrit(FUN_CRIT = ErrorCrit_NSE, InputsModel = InputsModel,
RunOptions = RunOptions, Qobs = BasinObs$Qmm[Ind_Run])
## preparation of CalibOptions object using the generalist parameter sets
CalibOptions <- CreateCalibOptions(FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J, FUN_CALIB = Calibration_Michel,
StartParamList = Param_Sets_GR4J)
## calibration
OutputsCalib <- Calibration(InputsModel = InputsModel, RunOptions = RunOptions,
InputsCrit = InputsCrit, CalibOptions = CalibOptions,
FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J, FUN_CRIT = ErrorCrit_NSE,
FUN_CALIB = Calibration_Michel)
## simulation
Param <- OutputsCalib$ParamFinalR
OutputsModel <- RunModel(InputsModel = InputsModel, RunOptions = RunOptions,
Param = Param, FUN = RunModel_GR4J)
## results preview
plot(OutputsModel, Qobs = BasinObs$Qmm[Ind_Run])
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