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chore(DESCRIPTION): remove useless 'imputeTS' package from the 'Suggests" list

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......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ Imports:
knitr, markdown, rmarkdown,
caRamel, coda, DEoptim, dplyr, FME, ggmcmc, hydroPSO, imputeTS, Rmalschains,
caRamel, coda, DEoptim, dplyr, FME, ggmcmc, hydroPSO, Rmalschains,
GGally, ggplot2,
Description: Hydrological modelling tools developed at INRAE-Antony (HYCAR Research Unit, France). The package includes several conceptual rainfall-runoff models (GR4H, GR5H, GR4J, GR5J, GR6J, GR2M, GR1A) that can be applied either on a lumped or semi-distributed way. A snow accumulation and melt model (CemaNeige) and the associated functions for the calibration and evaluation of models are also included. Use help(airGR) for package description and references.
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