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fix: correct the default values of the 'except' argument of the...

fix: correct the default values of the 'except' argument of the 'SeriesAggreg.OutputsModel' function
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......@@ -2,6 +2,6 @@ SeriesAggreg.OutputsModel <- function(x, Format, ...) {
ConvertFun = NA,
except = c("WarmUpQsim", "StateEnd", "Param"),
except = c("RunOptions", "StateEnd"),
  • She warning message is stil returned. See #137 (comment 54516)

  • It works with "StateEnd" and not with "RunOptions" because StateEnd is a list with specific classes, which is not the case of RunOptions which a simple list.

    [1] "list"
    [1] "IniStates" "monthly"   "GR"       
    inherits(OutputsModel$RunOptions, "list")
    [1] TRUE
    inherits(OutputsModel$StateEnd, "list")
    [1] FALSE

    In SeriesAggreg.list, the code line is:

    listCols <- x[sapply(x, inherits, "list")]
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