On 20.03.2018 18:00, Olivier Delaigue wrote:

Dear CRAN maintainers,

We fixed a bug on that was
  displaying erroneous characters only on UNIX systems
  because of a base R function that does not have the
  same behaviour on Windows.

We also added a

Sorry for submitting again the package
  on such a short period.
On 20.03.2018 19:12, CRAN submission wrote:

Thanks, we see on a linux machine:

Check: re-building of vignette outputs, Result: WARNING
   Error in re-building vignettes:
   Warning in engine$weave(file, quiet = quiet, encoding = enc) :
     The vignette engine knitr::rmarkdown is not available, because the
rmarkdown package is not installed. Please install it.
   Warning in CreateRunOptions(FUN_MOD = get(PrepGR$TypeModel),
InputsModel = PrepGR$InputsModel,  :
          Model warm up period not defined -> default configuration used
             The year preceding the run period is used

   Warning in plot.OutputsModel(x$OutputsModel, Qobs = x$Qobs, ...) :
          zeroes detected in Qsim -> some plots in the log space will
not be created using all time-steps

   Quitting from lines 153-154 (get_started.rmd)
   Error: processing vignette ‘get_started.rmd’ failed with diagnostics:
   cannot open the connection
   Execution halted

Please fix and resubmit.

Uwe Ligges