On 15.03.2018 08:17, Olivier Delaigue wrote:

Submitter's comment: The previous submission returned a NOTE message
  caused by the use of the dyStackedBarGroup() function
  of the last version of the dygraphs package only
  available on GitHub :
Missing or unexported object:

We asked the
  RStudio team to know when the new version of the
  dygraphs package will be available on the CRAN. Petr
  Shevtsov replied that it would be done very quickly.
  We tried to help him solve issues to speed up the
  submission, but it was not so quick beacause he seems
  busy. So we have contacted the Rstudio boss, JJ
  Allaire (maintainer of dygraphs) because we will
  present it very soon (8-13 April 2018) in an
  important international conference (EGU:
  https://egu2018.eu/home.html). Especially we will
  give a course (for ~100 persons) to explain how to
  use R in hydrology, using among others our package
  and we will also present it apart

  Allaire tell us that he doesn't have any problem at
  all if we embed the dyStackedBarGroup() function in
  our package.

When The RStudio team will submit the
  dygraphs package on the CRAN, we will make a new
  submission of airGRteaching and we will remove the
  dygraphs functions from our package immediately.
On 15.03.2018 17:40, CRAN submission wrote:

Thanks, please write package names and software names in single quotes
(e.g. 'airGR') in title and description.

Please explain all acronyms (e.g. GR) in your description to avoid

Please fix and resubmit.

Swetlana Herbrandt