Commit 30f3ba4a authored by Poulet Camille's avatar Poulet Camille
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Add one more fonction to compute survival after spawning

parent a2fd77d0
......@@ -172,8 +172,17 @@ stockRecruitementRelationship <- function(Triver,Tmin, Topt, Tmax, survivalStock
# ----------------------------------------------
# Spawner survival after reproduction
#Logit with temperature effect
spawnerSurvivalPostReproduction <- function(Triver,Tref, coeffa, coeffb){
#Logit with temperature effect depending on a Triver
spawnerSurvivalPostReproductionTempRiver <- function(Triver, coeffa, coeffb){
spRiverPostSpawn = (coeffb/ (1 + exp(coeffa*(Triver))))
#Logit with temperature effect depending on the difference between the river temperature and Tref
spawnerSurvivalPostReproductionTempRef <- function(Triver,Tref, coeffa, coeffb){
spRiverPostSpawn = (coeffb/ (1 + exp(coeffa*(Triver-Tref))))
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