Commit ba0e36fa authored by patrick.lambert's avatar patrick.lambert
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updated connections based on minimum distance between inshore and wintering basins

parent 29d052f7
......@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@ inshore_basin_id,inshore_basin_name,wintering_offshore_basin_id,wintering_offsho
11,Santee,1,Off Florida,4,Bay of Fundy
49,Pee Dee,1,Off Florida,4,Bay of Fundy
8,Cape Fear,1,Off Florida,4,Bay of Fundy
42,New,1,Off Florida,4,Bay of Fundy
39,White Oak,1,Off Florida,4,Bay of Fundy
42,New,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
39,White Oak,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
5,Potomac,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
7,Neuse,1,Off Florida,4,Bay of Fundy
48,Pamlico-Tar,1,Off Florida,4,Bay of Fundy
7,Neuse,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
48,Pamlico-Tar,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
45,Rappahannock,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
12,James,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
46,York,2,Mid-Atlantic Bight,4,Bay of Fundy
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