Commit c47301d3 authored by Lambert Patrick's avatar Lambert Patrick
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remove console display

parent 95309b5b
......@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ public class ReproduceAndSurviveAfterReproductionWithDiagnose extends AquaNismsG
else {
// stock information when no spawners reproduce
System.out.println(riverBasin.getName()+ "\tF:"+numberOfFemaleSpawners+ " M:"+numberOfMaleSpawners);
//System.out.println(riverBasin.getName()+ "\tF:"+numberOfFemaleSpawners+ " M:"+numberOfMaleSpawners);
riverBasin.getLastRecruitmentExpectations().push((long) 0);
riverBasin.getLastRecruitments().push((long) 0);
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