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new reference for temperature function

parent 8d4b11a3
......@@ -230,7 +230,9 @@ Arrhenius = function(temperature, par){
modifiedThorntonLessem = function(temperature, par){
# Thornton, K. W. & Lessem, A. S. (1978) A temperature algorithm for modifying biological rates. Transactions of the American
# Fisheries Society 107, 284–287.
# Rodríguez, L., García, J. J., Carreño, F. & Martínez, B. (2019) Integration of physiological knowledge
# into hybrid species distribution modelling to improve forecast of distributional shifts of tropical corals. Diversity and Distributions 25, 715–728.
Tlow01 = par[1] # =~ Tmin
Tlow80 = par[2] # lower bound of tolerance range
Thigh80 = par[3] # higher bound of tolerance range
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