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Choix des bandes dans le fichier de config

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......@@ -39,13 +39,14 @@ class Archive():
:type annee_fin: Entier
def __init__(self, capteur, niveau, emprise, sortie, annee_debut, annee_fin):
def __init__(self, capteur, extensions, niveau, emprise, sortie, annee_debut, annee_fin):
Créé une instance de la classe 'Archive'.
self._capteur = capteur
self.niveau = niveau
self.extent_img = extensions
self.liste_annees = []
......@@ -197,7 +198,6 @@ class Archive():"=============== {0} ===============".format(annee))
self.url = "{0}/{1}/api/collections/{2}/search.json?lang=fr&processingLevel={3}&_pretty=true&q={4}&box={5}&maxRecord=500".format(self.serveur, self.resto, self._capteur, self.niveau, annee, self.coord_box_dd())
# S'il existe une autre image, suivante = vrai, faux sinon
suivante = True
......@@ -371,7 +371,6 @@ class Archive():
reponse = requests.get(url, headers=head, proxies=proxyDict)
# Ajout de l'archive à la liste
del reponse
# Traitement des images (fusion, découpage selon la zone d'étude ...)
......@@ -435,9 +434,8 @@ class Archive():
for band in range(dataset.RasterCount) :
outdata.GetRasterBand(band + 1).WriteArray(\
dataset.GetRasterBand(band + 1).ReadAsArray(0, 0, dataset.RasterXSize, dataset.RasterYSize).astype(np.float32)/10000.0,\
data = dataset.GetRasterBand(band + 1).ReadAsArray(0, 0, dataset.RasterXSize, dataset.RasterYSize).astype(np.float32)
outdata.GetRasterBand(band + 1).WriteArray(data, 0, 0)
outdata.GetRasterBand(band + 1).FlushCache()
outdata = None
......@@ -458,8 +456,6 @@ class Archive():
""""Date : {0} -> {1} image(s)".format(date, len(liste_content)))
# Extension correspondant respectivement aux bandes rouge, verte, bleue et proche infrarouge
extent_img = ['_FRC_B2.tif', '_FRC_B3.tif', '_FRC_B4.tif', '_FRC_B8.tif']
tuiles_image = []
......@@ -483,7 +479,7 @@ class Archive():
liste_mem = []
# Pour tous les fichiers dans l'archive
for id_ext, extension in enumerate(extent_img) :
for id_ext, extension in enumerate(self.extent_img) :
# Si il s'agit d'une bande voulue (R,G,B,PIR)
img = [f for f in zip_img if extension in f][0]
......@@ -497,7 +493,7 @@ class Archive():
# on découpe l'image selon l'emprise
# et on conserve l'image obtenue
vrt = gdal.BuildVRT("", liste_bandes, options=options_vrt)
tuiles_image.append(Outils.clip(gdal.Translate("", vrt, options=options_translate), self.emprise ))
tuiles_image.append(Outils.clip(gdal.Translate("", vrt, options=options_translate), self.emprise))
# On libère la mémoire
for mmap_name in liste_mem :
......@@ -8,3 +8,9 @@ NIVEAU_DEFAUT = logging.DEBUG
# Extensions des bandes bleue, verte et rouge
BANDES_RGB = ['_FRC_B2.tif', '_FRC_B3.tif', '_FRC_B4.tif']
# Extensions des bandes bleue, verte et rouge + proche infra-rouge
BANDES_RGBI = ['_FRC_B2.tif', '_FRC_B3.tif', '_FRC_B4.tif', '_FRC_B8.tif']
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ class Processing(object):
if not self.annee_fin :
self.annee_fin =
self.check_download = Archive.Archive(self.capteur, self.niveau, self.emprise, self.resultats, self.annee_debut, int(self.annee_fin))
self.check_download = Archive.Archive(self.capteur, self.extensions, self.niveau, self.emprise, self.resultats, self.annee_debut, int(self.annee_fin))
self.check_download.download_auto(, self.mdp, self.proxy)
......@@ -13,4 +13,5 @@ proxy =
capteur =
\ No newline at end of file
bandes =
\ No newline at end of file
# Sphinx build info version 1
# This file hashes the configuration used when building these files. When it is not found, a full rebuild will be done.
config: a88ad48e93a6109d7a7da9e9f0fdea0f
tags: 645f666f9bcd5a90fca523b33c5a78b7
;; -*- coding: utf-8; mode: Lisp; -*-
;; style file for xindy
;; filename: LICRcyr2utf8.xdy
;; description: style file for xindy which maps back LaTeX Internal
;; Character Representation of Cyrillic to utf-8
;; usage: for use with pdflatex produced .idx files.
;; Contributed by the Sphinx team, July 2018.
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'\CYRG }" "Ѓ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'\CYRK }" "Ќ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'\cyrg }" "ѓ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'\cyrk }" "ќ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRA }" "А" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRB }" "Б" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRC }" "Ц" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRCH }" "Ч" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRD }" "Д" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRDJE }" "Ђ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRDZE }" "Ѕ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRDZHE }" "Џ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRE }" "Е" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYREREV }" "Э" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRERY }" "Ы" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRF }" "Ф" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRG }" "Г" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRGUP }" "Ґ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRH }" "Х" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRHRDSN }" "Ъ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRI }" "И" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRIE }" "Є" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRII }" "І" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRISHRT }" "Й" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRJE }" "Ј" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRK }" "К" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRL }" "Л" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRLJE }" "Љ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRM }" "М" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRN }" "Н" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRNJE }" "Њ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRO }" "О" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRP }" "П" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRR }" "Р" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRS }" "С" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRSFTSN }" "Ь" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRSH }" "Ш" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRSHCH }" "Щ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRT }" "Т" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRTSHE }" "Ћ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRU }" "У" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRUSHRT }" "Ў" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRV }" "В" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRYA }" "Я" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRYI }" "Ї" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRYO }" "Ё" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRYU }" "Ю" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRZ }" "З" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\CYRZH }" "Ж" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyra }" "а" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrb }" "б" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrc }" "ц" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrch }" "ч" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrd }" "д" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrdje }" "ђ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrdze }" "ѕ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrdzhe }" "џ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyre }" "е" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrerev }" "э" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrery }" "ы" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrf }" "ф" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrg }" "г" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrgup }" "ґ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrh }" "х" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrhrdsn }" "ъ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyri }" "и" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrie }" "є" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrii }" "і" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrishrt }" "й" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrje }" "ј" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrk }" "к" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrl }" "л" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrlje }" "љ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrm }" "м" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrn }" "н" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrnje }" "њ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyro }" "о" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrp }" "п" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrr }" "р" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrs }" "с" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrsftsn }" "ь" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrsh }" "ш" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrshch }" "щ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrt }" "т" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrtshe }" "ћ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyru }" "у" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrushrt }" "ў" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrv }" "в" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrya }" "я" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyryi }" "ї" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyryo }" "ё" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyryu }" "ю" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrz }" "з" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\cyrzh }" "ж" :string)
;; style file for xindy
;; filename: LICRlatin2utf8.xdy
;; description: style file for xindy which maps back LaTeX Internal
;; Character Representation of letters (as arising in .idx index
;; file) to UTF-8 encoding for correct sorting by xindy.
;; usage: for use with the pdflatex engine,
;; *not* for use with xelatex or lualatex.
;; This is based upon xindy's distributed file tex/inputenc/utf8.xdy.
;; The modifications include:
;; - Updates for compatibility with current LaTeX macro encoding.
;; - Systematic usage of the \IeC {...} mark-up, because mark-up in
;; tex/inputenc/utf8.xdy was using it on seemingly random basis, and
;; Sphinx coercing of xindy usability for both Latin and Cyrillic scripts
;; with pdflatex requires its systematic presence here.
;; - Support for some extra letters: Ÿ, Ŋ, ŋ, Œ, œ, IJ, ij, ȷ and ẞ.
;; Indeed Sphinx needs to support for pdflatex engine all Unicode letters
;; available in TeX T1 font encoding. The above letters are found in
;; that encoding but not in the Latin1, 2, 3 charsets which are those
;; covered by original tex/inputenc/utf8.xdy.
;; - There is a problem that ȷ is not supported out-of-the box by LaTeX
;; with inputenc, one must add explicitely
;; \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{0237}{\j}
;; to preamble of LaTeX document. However this character is not supported
;; by the TeX "times" font used by default by Sphinx for pdflatex engine.
;; **Update**: since LaTeX 2018/12/01, the \j as well as \SS, \k{} and
;; \.{} need no extra user declaration anymore.
;; - ẞ needs \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{1E9E}{\SS} (but ß needs no extra set-up).
;; - U+02DB (˛) and U+02D9 (˙) are also not supported by inputenc
;; out of the box and require
;; \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{02DB}{\k{}}
;; \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{02D9}{\.{}}
;; to be added to preamble.
;; - U+0127 ħ and U+0126 Ħ are absent from TeX T1+TS1 font encodings.
;; - Characters Ŋ and ŋ are not supported by TeX font "times" used by
;; default by Sphinx for pdflatex engine but they are supported by
;; some TeX fonts, in particular by the default LaTeX font for T1
;; encoding.
;; - " and ~ must be escaped as ~" and resp. ~~ in xindy merge rules.
;; Contributed by the Sphinx team, July 2018.
;; See sphinx.xdy for superior figures, as they are escaped by LaTeX writer.
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textonesuperior }" "¹" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\texttwosuperior }" "²" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textthreesuperior }" "³" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'a}" "á" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'A}" "Á" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`a}" "à" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`A}" "À" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^a}" "â" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^A}" "Â" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"a}" "ä" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"A}" "Ä" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~~a}" "ã" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~~A}" "Ã" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\c c}" "ç" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\c C}" "Ç" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'c}" "ć" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'C}" "Ć" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^c}" "ĉ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^C}" "Ĉ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.c}" "ċ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.C}" "Ċ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\c s}" "ş" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\c S}" "Ş" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\c t}" "ţ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\c T}" "Ţ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\-}" "­" :string); soft hyphen
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textdiv }" "÷" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'e}" "é" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'E}" "É" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`e}" "è" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`E}" "È" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^e}" "ê" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^E}" "Ê" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"e}" "ë" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"E}" "Ë" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^g}" "ĝ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^G}" "Ĝ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.g}" "ġ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.G}" "Ġ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^h}" "ĥ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^H}" "Ĥ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\H o}" "ő" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\H O}" "Ő" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textacutedbl }" "˝" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\H u}" "ű" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\H U}" "Ű" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\ae }" "æ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\AE }" "Æ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textcopyright }" "©" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\c \ }" "¸" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\dh }" "ð" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\DH }" "Ð" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\dj }" "đ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\DJ }" "Đ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\guillemotleft }" "«" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\guillemotright }" "»" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'\i }" "í" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`\i }" "ì" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^\i }" "î" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"\i }" "ï" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\i }" "ı" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^\j }" "ĵ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\k {}}" "˛" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\l }" "ł" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\L }" "Ł" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\nobreakspace }" " " :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\o }" "ø" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\O }" "Ø" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textsterling }" "£" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textparagraph }" "¶" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\ss }" "ß" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textsection }" "§" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textbrokenbar }" "¦" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textcent }" "¢" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textcurrency }" "¤" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textdegree }" "°" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textexclamdown }" "¡" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\texthbar }" "ħ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textHbar }" "Ħ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textonehalf }" "½" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textonequarter }" "¼" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textordfeminine }" "ª" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textordmasculine }" "º" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textperiodcentered }" "·" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textquestiondown }" "¿" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textregistered }" "®" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textthreequarters }" "¾" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textyen }" "¥" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\th }" "þ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\TH }" "Þ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'I}" "Í" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`I}" "Ì" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^I}" "Î" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"I}" "Ï" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.I}" "İ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^J}" "Ĵ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\k a}" "ą" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\k A}" "Ą" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\k e}" "ę" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\k E}" "Ę" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'l}" "ĺ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'L}" "Ĺ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textlnot }" "¬" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textmu }" "µ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'n}" "ń" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'N}" "Ń" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~~n}" "ñ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~~N}" "Ñ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'o}" "ó" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'O}" "Ó" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`o}" "ò" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`O}" "Ò" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^o}" "ô" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^O}" "Ô" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"o}" "ö" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"O}" "Ö" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~~o}" "õ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~~O}" "Õ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textpm }" "±" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\r a}" "å" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\r A}" "Å" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'r}" "ŕ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'R}" "Ŕ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\r u}" "ů" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\r U}" "Ů" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'s}" "ś" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'S}" "Ś" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^s}" "ŝ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^S}" "Ŝ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textasciidieresis }" "¨" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textasciimacron }" "¯" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.{}}" "˙" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textasciiacute }" "´" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\texttimes }" "×" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\u a}" "ă" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\u A}" "Ă" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\u g}" "ğ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\u G}" "Ğ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textasciibreve }" "˘" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'u}" "ú" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'U}" "Ú" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`u}" "ù" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\`U}" "Ù" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^u}" "û" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\^U}" "Û" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"u}" "ü" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"U}" "Ü" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\u u}" "ŭ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\u U}" "Ŭ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v c}" "č" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v C}" "Č" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v d}" "ď" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v D}" "Ď" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v e}" "ě" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v E}" "Ě" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v l}" "ľ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v L}" "Ľ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v n}" "ň" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v N}" "Ň" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v r}" "ř" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v R}" "Ř" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v s}" "š" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v S}" "Š" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\textasciicaron }" "ˇ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v t}" "ť" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v T}" "Ť" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v z}" "ž" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\v Z}" "Ž" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'y}" "ý" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'Y}" "Ý" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"y}" "ÿ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'z}" "ź" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\'Z}" "Ź" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.z}" "ż" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\.Z}" "Ż" :string)
;; letters not in Latin1, 2, 3 but available in TeX T1 font encoding
(merge-rule "\IeC {\~"Y}" "Ÿ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\NG }" "Ŋ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\ng }" "ŋ" :string)
(merge-rule "\IeC {\OE }" "Œ" :string)
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# Makefile for Sphinx LaTeX output
ALLDOCS = $(basename $(wildcard *.tex))
ALLPDF = $(addsuffix .pdf,$(ALLDOCS))
ALLDVI = $(addsuffix .dvi,$(ALLDOCS))
ALLPS = $(addsuffix .ps,$(ALLDOCS))
ALLIMGS = $(wildcard *.png *.gif *.jpg *.jpeg)
# Prefix for archive names
# Additional LaTeX options (passed via variables in latexmkrc/latexmkjarc file)
export LATEXOPTS =
# Additional latexmk options
# format: pdf or dvi (used only by archive targets)
FMT = pdf
LATEX = latexmk -dvi
PDFLATEX = latexmk -pdf -dvi- -ps-
%.png %.gif %.jpg %.jpeg: FORCE_MAKE
extractbb '$@'
%.dvi: %.tex FORCE_MAKE
$(LATEX) $(LATEXMKOPTS) '$<' %.dvi
dvips '$<'
%.pdf: %.tex FORCE_MAKE
all: $(ALLPDF)
all-dvi: $(ALLDVI)
all-ps: $(ALLPS)
all-pdf: $(ALLPDF)
zip: all-$(FMT)
mkdir $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT)
zip -q -r -9 $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT).zip $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT)
rm -r $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT)
tar: all-$(FMT)
mkdir $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT)
tar cf $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT).tar $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT)
rm -r $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT)
gz: tar
gzip -9 < $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT).tar > $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT).tar.gz
bz2: tar
bzip2 -9 -k $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT).tar
xz: tar
xz -9 -k $(ARCHIVEPREFIX)docs-$(FMT).tar
rm -f *.log *.ind *.aux *.toc *.syn *.idx *.out *.ilg *.pla *.ps *.tar *.tar.gz *.tar.bz2 *.tar.xz $(ALLPDF) $(ALLDVI) $(ALLXDV) *.fls *.fdb_latexmk
.PHONY: all all-pdf all-dvi all-ps clean zip tar gz bz2 xz
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%% Generated by Sphinx.
\fi \sphinxpxdimen=.75bp\relax
% support both utf8 and utf8x syntaxes
% Include hyperref last.
% Fix anchor placement for figures with captions.
\usepackage{hypcap}% it must be loaded after hyperref.
% Set up styles of URL: it should be placed after hyperref.
\addto\captionsfrench{\renewcommand{\literalblockname}{Code source}}
\addto\captionsfrench{\renewcommand{\literalblockcontinuedname}{suite de la page précédente}}
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\title{Sentinel-3A Documentation}
\date{janv. 24, 2019}
\author{COMMANDRÉ Benjamin}
\section{Téléchargement Phymobat}
Le programme Phymobat peut être cloné à partir du Gitlab Irstea à l’adresse suivante : \sphinxurl{\_2018.git}
La branche courante est \sphinxcode{\sphinxupquote{develop}}
\section{Installation SIG open source}
La chaîne de traitement est construite sous divers outils open-source, comme \sphinxcode{\sphinxupquote{GDAL}} et \sphinxcode{\sphinxupquote{OGR}}. La démarche à suivre pour installer ces outils est indiquée ci-dessous uniquement sous Linux.
\item {}
Ajouter le dépôt ubuntugis-unstable
\PYGZdl{} sudo add\PYGZhy{}apt\PYGZhy{}repository ppa:ubuntugis/ubuntugis\PYGZhy{}unstable
\PYGZdl{} sudo apt\PYGZhy{}get update
\PYGZdl{} sudo apt\PYGZhy{}get install gdal\PYGZhy{}bin