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Changelog for 4.4.0

parent 16d4b4ef
stable - 2019-07-16
new features
* new PAB module
* multiple variated parameters
* Structure: Better management of discharge inversion
* added Fente noyée (Larinier 1992)
* added lift gate implementation
* replaced dichotomy with Brent method
* new strategy for Result and ResultElement assignment
* proper separation of singleValue, currentValue and .v
* better strategy for .V() getter in Nub
* debugging with Karma
bug fixes
* improved (de)serialization
* fix bug in cascade calculation
* fix ZDV calculation in parallel structures
* fix ZDV calculation with KiVi discharge law
* Cloisons: replaced ZDV with h1 (head)
* stop exposing already linked parameters
* dichotomy: log message when looking for a solution outside interval
* fix structures parameters iterator in
stable - 2019-04-12
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