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Release version 4.6.0

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stable - 2019-10-14
new features
* New module "Jet impact"
* New module "Up/downstream elevations of a reach"
* New module "Slope"
* New module "Loss of charge, water grid"
* Set Remous input parameters to elevations
* SectionParametree: replace Yf et Yt with Ycor
* RegimeUniforme: add average speed
* CalcSerie(): when a parameter varies, add to global log an abstract of errors/warnings
* Store précision and max. number of iterations in Session, and apply the latter to Dichotomie.maxIterations
* Add warnings for Parallel Structures usage conditions
bug fixes
* SectionParametree: input parameters were ignored
* MacroRugo submerged: flows gap
* Remous: when reach length is not a multiple of discretisation step, calculate last abscissa anyway
* Remous: crash with a parameter linked to a not-yet-calculated result
* CourbeRemous: sometimes 1st ordinate of torrential curve is missing
* MacroRugo: calculation does not converge for low depths
stable - 2019-08-06
"name": "jalhyd",
"version": "4.5.0",
"version": "4.6.0",
"author": "DD",
"license": "ISC",
"description": "JaLHyd, a Javascript Library for Hydraulics",
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