Commit 6a526b06 authored by Dorchies David's avatar Dorchies David
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fix(verificateur): defective message for submerged blocks on MacroRugo

Fix jalhyd#292
parent d9ff63e1
......@@ -707,11 +707,13 @@
"ERROR_VERIF_VARYING_ERRORS_IN_PASS": "Pass to verify contains error at iteration %i%",
"ERROR_VERIF_MISSING_CRITERION": "Criterion %var_criterion% must be defined",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_VMAX": "Maximum velocity %V% too high (maximum: %maxV%)",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_SUBMERGED": "Submerged blocks",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_PVMAX": "Dissipated power %PV% too high (maximum: %maxPV%)",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_YMIN": "Water level %Y% too low (minimum: %minY%)",
"ERROR_VERIF_MRC_AT_LEAST_ONE_APRON": "None of the aprons is crossable",
"ERROR_VERIF_MRC_CROSSABLE_WIDTH": "Crossable width %width% m is lower than the width of a block pattern %patternWidth% m",
"WARNING_VERIF_MRC_VMAX_APRON_N": "Maximum velocity %V% too high (maximum: %maxV%)",
"WARNING_VERIF_MRC_YMIN_APRON_N": "Water level %Y% too low (minimum: %minY%)",
"INFO_VERIF_MRC_CROSSABLE_WIDTH": "Maximum crossable width is %width% m",
"ERROR_VERIF_NO_PRESET": "This species group is not compatible with this pass type",
......@@ -708,11 +708,13 @@
"ERROR_VERIF_VARYING_ERRORS_IN_PASS": "La passe à vérifier contient des erreurs à l'itération %i%",
"ERROR_VERIF_MISSING_CRITERION": "Le critère %var_criterion% doit être défini",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_VMAX": "Vitesse maximale %V% trop élevée (maximum : %maxV%)",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_SUBMERGED": "Blocs submergés",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_PVMAX": "Puissance dissipée %PV% trop élevée (maximum : %maxPV%)",
"ERROR_VERIF_MR_YMIN": "Tirant d'eau %Y% insuffisant (minimum : %minY%)",
"ERROR_VERIF_MRC_AT_LEAST_ONE_APRON": "Aucun des radiers n'est franchissable",
"ERROR_VERIF_MRC_CROSSABLE_WIDTH": "La largeur franchissable %width% m est inférieure à la largeur d'un motif de blocs %patternWidth% m",
"WARNING_VERIF_MRC_VMAX_APRON_N": "Vitesse maximale %V% trop élevée (maximum : %maxV%)",
"WARNING_VERIF_MRC_YMIN_APRON_N": "Tirant d'eau %Y% insuffisant (minimum : %minY%)",
"INFO_VERIF_MRC_CROSSABLE_WIDTH": "La largeur franchissable maximale est %width% m",
"ERROR_VERIF_NO_PRESET": "Ce groupe d'espèces n'est pas compatible avec ce type de passe",
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