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Màj textes et traduction pour "PAB chute" et "PAB nombre"

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"fs_chute": "Basin dimensions",
"Z1": "Upstream height",
"Z2": "Downstream height",
"fs_chute": "Fish ladder elevations and fall",
"Z1": "Upstream elevation",
"Z2": "Downstream elevation",
"DH": "Fall"
\ No newline at end of file
"fs_chute": "Dimensions du bassin",
"fs_chute": "Cote et chute de la passe",
"Z1": "Cote amont",
"Z2": "Cote aval",
"DH": "Chute"
"fs_nombre": "Basin dimensions",
"fs_nombre": "Fall and number of basins",
"DHT": "Total fall",
"N": "Number of basins",
"DH": "Fall between basins"
"fs_nombre": "Dimensions du bassin",
"fs_nombre": "Chute et nombre de bassins",
"DHT": "Chute totale",
"N": "Nombre de bassins",
"DH": "Chute entre bassins"
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@
"INFO_OUVRAGE": "Structure",
"INFO_PABCHUTE_TITRE": "Fish ladder: fall",
"INFO_PABCHUTE_TITRE_COURT": "FL: fall between basins",
"INFO_PABDIMENSIONS_TITRE": "Fish ladder: dimensions",
"INFO_PABNOMBRE_TITRE": "Fish ladder : number of basins",
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