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test(e2e): check results are not duplicated in baffle fishway: setup calculator

refs #535
parent ec828fee
import { browser } from "protractor";
import { PreferencesPage } from "./preferences.po"
import { Navbar } from "./navbar.po";
import { ListPage } from "./list.po";
import { CalculatorPage } from "./calculator.po";
describe("ngHyd − check that results are not duplicated", () => {
let prefPage: PreferencesPage;
let navBar: Navbar;
let listPage: ListPage;
let calcPage: CalculatorPage;
beforeEach(async () => {
prefPage = new PreferencesPage();
listPage = new ListPage();
navBar = new Navbar();
calcPage = new CalculatorPage();
// disable evil option "empty fields on module creation"
await prefPage.navigateTo();
await browser.sleep(200);
await prefPage.disableEvilEmptyFields();
await browser.sleep(200);
it("in 'baffle fishway: setup' calculator", async () => {
// open baffle fishway setup calculator
await navBar.clickNewCalculatorButton();
await listPage.clickMenuEntryForCalcType(28);
await browser.sleep(200);
// run calculation
const calcButton = calcPage.getCalculateButton();
// check result count
const fixRows = calcPage.getAllFixedResultsRows();
const nbRows = await fixRows.count();
expect(nbRows).toBe(24); // boundaries are included
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