Commit fab05fa4 authored by Dorchies David's avatar Dorchies David
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Move Nub.V method to getter ParamDefinition.V

See jalhyd@9a6f835e
parent 50c49430
......@@ -516,9 +516,9 @@ export class GenericCalculatorComponent extends BaseComponent implements OnInit,
data: {
chute: cloisons.V(cloisons.prms.DH),
debit: cloisons.V(cloisons.prms.Q),
coteAmont: cloisons.V(cloisons.prms.Z1)
chute: cloisons.prms.DH.V,
debit: cloisons.prms.Q.V,
coteAmont: cloisons.prms.Z1.V
disableClose: true
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