Commit 0b9447b3 authored by Ienco Dino's avatar Ienco Dino
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parent 4ee2ec1d
......@@ -39,15 +39,15 @@ def getBranch(input_layer, n_filters, dropOut, suffix):
def build_model(self, input_shape1, input_shape2, nb_classes):
def build_model(input_shape1, input_shape2, nb_classes):
n_feature_maps = 128
dropOut = 0.2
input_layer1 = tfk.layers.Input(name="input1", shape=input_shape1)
input_layer2 = tfk.layers.Input(name="input2", shape=input_shape2)
features1 = self.getBranch(input_layer1, n_feature_maps, dropOut, "input1")
features2 = self.getBranch(input_layer2, n_feature_maps, dropOut, "input2")
features1 = getBranch(input_layer1, n_feature_maps, dropOut, "input1")
features2 = getBranch(input_layer2, n_feature_maps, dropOut, "input2")
features = tfk.Concatenation(name="concat_layer")([features1, features2])
dense_layer = tfk.layers.Dense(512, activation='relu')(features)
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