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fix: Crash with 1000 years database

- Add details for 64 bits compilation and debugging in

Fix #5
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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ VGEST is software developped in Pascal by Jean-Claude Bader [^Bader2016]. It ser
VGEST has only been tested on Windows XP or superior.
* Download Free Pascal I386 for Windows 32 bits:
* For compilation in 64 bits, download the x86_64 cross compiler:
* Install it by running the downloaded executable
## Compilation
......@@ -20,6 +21,10 @@ C:\FPC\bin\i386-win32\fpc.exe src\ENDE.PAS && move /Y src\ENDE.exe .
C:\FPC\bin\i386-win32\fpc.exe src\REGLAGE.PAS && move /Y src\REGLAGE.exe .
For 64 bits compilation, add `-Px86_64` parameter between `fpc.exe` and the source file on each line.
For debugging, in case of a crash of the application, add the parameter `-gl` to the compilation command line in order to get the file and the line number where the crash occurs.
## Get started with the example
The `example` directory contains all the configuration for calculating statistics about respecting a maximum flow of 110 m<sup>3</sup>/s at Paris. These statistics are calculated from the Seine River Basin naturalised flow database between 1993/01/01 and 2009/12/31 [^Hydratec2011].
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ CONST {valeurs}
YInterpolPermi= true; {pour autoriser reconst des lacunes isol‚es de d‚bits stations}
YLacune = -99; {code lacune de d‚bit}
YNbfreq = 8;
YNbmaxAn = 250; {nombre maximal d'ann‚es pouvant ˆtre trait‚es dans le calcul … rebours}
YNbmaxAn = 10000; {nombre maximal d'ann‚es pouvant ˆtre trait‚es dans le calcul … rebours}
YNbmaxIter = 400; {nombre max d'it‚rations pour obtenir la norme de d‚bit stock‚ … r‚partir}
YNbmaxIterVol = 100; {nombre max d'it‚rations pour obtention des bons volumes conditionnant la r‚partition}
YNbmaxIterVolInit = 50; {Nombre max d'it‚rations pour obtenir le bon jeu de volumes initiaux}
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