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Compléte les traductions

parent c9020526
upload: 'Add a file'
delete: 'Delete file'
title: List of files
breadcrumb: Files
id.label: Label
displayName.label: Name
label: State
en-cours: In progress
orphelin: Orphan
normal: Normal
corrompu: Corrupt
manquant: Missing
rejete: Refuse
mimeType.label: MIME type
size.label: Size
checksum.label: checksum
createdAt.label: Creation date
show.title(%uploadedFile%): File %uploadedFile%
path.label: Path
createdBy.label: Créateur
createdFrom.label: IP adress
metadata.label: Metadata
description.label: Description
required: 'Required file'
unknownError: 'unknown error'
maxNumberOfFiles: 'Maximum number of files exceeded'
acceptFileTypes: 'File type not allowed'
maxFileSize: 'The file is too big'
minFileSize: 'The file is too small'
runningUpload: 'A download is in progress.'
uploadError: 'A download failed.'
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