Commit cd36a6ad authored by Guillaume Perréal's avatar Guillaume Perréal
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Correction d'un bug des filtres dans l'extension Twig.

parent f04f0a06
......@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ class GeneratorExtension extends \Twig_Extension
public function getFilters(): array
return [
new \Twig_Filter('quoteString', [TypescriptHelper::class, 'quoteString'], ['is_safe' => true]),
new \Twig_Filter('objectKey', [TypescriptHelper::class, 'objectLiteralKey'], ['is_safe' => true]),
new \Twig_Filter('quoteString', [TypescriptHelper::class, 'quoteString']),
new \Twig_Filter('objectKey', [TypescriptHelper::class, 'objectLiteralKey']),
new \Twig_Filter('indent', [TypescriptHelper::class, 'indent']),
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