Commit 571e1922 authored by Guillaume Perréal's avatar Guillaume Perréal
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ci: utilise la même image que les paquets qu'importe.

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......@@ -15,20 +15,12 @@ test:
- "7.3"
- "7.4"
- "8.0"
image: php:${PHP_VERSION}-cli
- if: $PHP_VERSION == "8.0-rc"
allow_failure: true
- when: always
- |
echo -e "section_start:`date +%s`:setup[collapsed=true]\r\e[0KInstall dependencies"
apt-get update -yqq
apt-get install -yqq unzip git
if [[ $PHP_VERSION != "8.0-rc" ]]; then
pecl install pcov
docker-php-ext-enable pcov
apt-get install -yqq unzip git php${PHP_VERSION}-pcov
curl -sSL "${COMPOSER_MAJOR}.phar" -o /tmp/composer
echo -en "section_end:`date +%s`:setup\r\e[0K"
- php -v
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