Commit 8b2440ce authored by Guillaume Perréal's avatar Guillaume Perréal
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Crée la première version.

parent acc81503
"name": "irstea/dev-pack",
"description": "Méta-package qui regroupe les différents outils que nous utilisons en développement.",
"type": "metapackage",
"license": "MIT",
"authors": [
"name": "Guillaume Perréal",
"email": ""
"require": {
"deployer/deployer": "@stable",
"hirak/prestissimo": "@stable",
"irstea/composer-require-checker-shim": "@stable",
"irstea/pcov-clobber-plugin": "@stable",
"irstea/php-cs-fixer-config": "@stable",
"irstea/phpcpd-shim": "@stable",
"irstea/phploc-shim": "@stable",
"irstea/phpmd-config": "@stable",
"irstea/phpmd-shim": "@stable",
"irstea/phpstan-config": "@stable",
"php-parallel-lint/php-parallel-lint": "@stable",
"phpunit/phpunit": "@stable",
"roave/security-advisories": "dev-master",
"sensiolabs/security-checker": "@stable"
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