Commit 3ba95fde authored by Vincent Delbar's avatar Vincent Delbar
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FIX: GDAL and PROJ are now located in /usr

parent 94a5ad99
......@@ -130,6 +130,5 @@ ENV PATH=/opt/otb/bin:$PATH
ENV PYTHONPATH=/opt/otb/lib/python3/dist-packages:/opt/otb/lib/otb/python:$PYTHONPATH
ENV OTB_APPLICATION_PATH=/opt/otb/lib/otb/applications
ENV PROJ_LIB=/opt/otb/share/proj
ENV GDAL_DATA=/opt/otb/share/gdal
ENV GEOTIFF_CSV=/opt/otb/share/epsg_csv
ENV PROJ_LIB=/usr/share/proj
ENV GDAL_DATA=/usr/share/gdal
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