Commit 7b294225 authored by Gaetano Raffaele's avatar Gaetano Raffaele
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ENH: added parameter to separate S1A/S1B (useful?).

parent 325c40eb
...@@ -733,10 +733,10 @@ def s1process(indir, outdir, epsg=None, ...@@ -733,10 +733,10 @@ def s1process(indir, outdir, epsg=None,
sys.exit('Invalid direction parameter.') sys.exit('Invalid direction parameter.')
if satellite != 'both': if satellite != 'both':
safe_files_s1a, safe_files_s1b = separateAscDesc(safe_files) safe_files_s1a, safe_files_s1b = separateS1AS1B(safe_files)
if direction == 's1a': if satellite == 's1a':
safe_files = safe_files_s1a safe_files = safe_files_s1a
elif direction == 's1b': elif satellite == 's1b':
safe_files = safe_files_s1b safe_files = safe_files_s1b
else: else:
sys.exit('Invalid satellite parameter.') sys.exit('Invalid satellite parameter.')
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