Commit 0e5e5113 authored by Gaetano Raffaele's avatar Gaetano Raffaele
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Working on the resume option to resume segmentation after fail or abort.

parent 4934c345
......@@ -470,11 +470,11 @@ std::vector<std::string> Controller<TSegmenter>::GetTemporaryFilesList()
template<class TSegmenter>
void Controller<TSegmenter>::SetResumingMode(unsigned int rX, unsigned int rY)
void Controller<TSegmenter>::SetResumingMode(unsigned int rRow, unsigned int rCol)
m_Resuming = true;
m_ResumeTileX = rx;
m_ResumeTileY = ry;
m_ResumeTileRow = rRow;
m_ResumeTileCol = rCol;
} // end of namespace lsgrm
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