Commit 10eef79f authored by Pierre Lassalle's avatar Pierre Lassalle
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Remove ClusteredImageOutput

parent a4c8cd89
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ namespace lsrm
typedef typename GraphOperatorType::NodePointerType NodePointerType;
typedef GraphToOtbImage<GraphType> IOType;
typedef typename IOType::LabelImageType LabelImageType;
typedef typename IOType::ClusteredImageType ClusteredImageType;
/* Default constructor and destructor */
......@@ -81,13 +80,6 @@ namespace lsrm
auto labelImg = io.GetLabelImage(this->m_Graph, this->m_ImageWidth, this->m_ImageHeight);
return labelImg;
inline typename ClusteredImageType::Pointer GetClusteredImageOutput()
IOType io;
auto clusteredImg = io.GetClusteredOutput(this->m_Graph, this->m_ImageWidth, this->m_ImageHeight);
return clusteredImg;
/* Set methods */
SetMacro(bool, DoBFSegmentation);
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