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......@@ -3,18 +3,12 @@ Simple extraction tools remote module developed in the framework of Theia-Geosud
# Applications for the user
## ExtractBand
An application dedicated to extract channels of an image.
## ExtractGeom
An application which extracts an image region from an input vector data. The output image is cut around the vector data and croped on the resulting region, that is the intersection between the vector data region and the entire image region.
## MeanResample
Produces an output image resampled using the local mean of pixels.
## ZonalStatistics
An application dedicated to compute zonal satistics (min, max, mean, standard deviation) of an image for each polygons of the input vector data.
# Stuff for the developper
This remote module of Orféo ToolBox contains some useful filters and stuff for remote sensing image processing.
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