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OHMPY_code is a program to control the low-cost and open source resistivity meter
OHMPY, it has been developed by Rémi CLEMENT, Nicolas FORQUET (IRSTEA) and Yannick FARGIER (IFSTTAR).
Version 1.01 23/08/2019 modified by Remi CLEMENT
multiplexer development for electrode selection for each quadripole
from the quadripole file ABMN4.txt
OHMPY, it has been developed by Rémi CLEMENT,Vivien DUBOIS, Nicolas FORQUET (IRSTEA) and Yannick FARGIER (IFSTTAR).
print 'OHMPI start'
print MyDateTime.isoformat()
print 'Import library'
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
import datetime
import board
import busio
import numpy
import os
import adafruit_ads1x15.ads1115 as ADS
from adafruit_ads1x15.analog_in import AnalogIn
print('Import library')
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