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Development of a low-cost multi-electrodes resistivimeter for electrical resistivity mesaurement for lab applications, based on raspberry board
Version 1.00
## Installation
All dependencies are specified in *requirements.txt*
**Note:** all instructions below should be typed in the terminal
It is first necessary to ensure that the libatlas-base-dev library is installed:
`sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev`
We strongly recommend users to create a virtual environment to run the code and installed all required dependencies. It can be done either in a directory gathering all virtual environments used on the computer or within the ohmpy directory.
* create the virtual environment:
`python3 -m venv ohmpy`
* activate it using the following command:
`source ohmpy/bin/activate`
* install packages within the virtual environment. Installing the following package should be sufficient to meet dependencies:
`pip install RPi.GPIO adafruit-blinka numpy adafruit-circuitpython-ads1x15 pandas`
* check that requirements are met using `pip list`
* you should run you code within the virtual environment
* to leave the virtual environment simply type: `deactivate`
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