Commit d28ee65f authored by Forquet Nicolas's avatar Forquet Nicolas

fixing issue #10

parent fcffdef9
......@@ -53,6 +53,13 @@ def switch_mux(quadripole):
# function to find rows with identical values in different columns
def find_identical_in_line(array_object):
output = []
if array_object.ndim == 1:
temp = numpy.zeros(4)
for i in range(len(array_object)):
temp[i] = numpy.count_nonzero(array_object == array_object[i])
if any(temp > 1):
for i in range(len(array_object[:,1])):
temp = numpy.zeros(len(array_object[1,:]))
for j in range(len(array_object[1,:])):
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