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docs(NEWS): update release history

Refs #82
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......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@
- Added output to `RunModel_GR2M()` function (Ps). ([#51](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/51))
- `PE_Oudin()` can now run for several locations (i.e. several latitudes) in the Fortran mode (`RunFortran = TRUE`). In this case `Lat` must be of the same length as `Temp`. ([#62](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/62))
- `RunModel()` now allows to run semi-distributed GR models. ([#34](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/34))
- The `ConvertFun` argument of the `SeriesAggreg()` function can now be set to names of aggregation functions that return value of length 1 (not only `"sum"` or `"mean"`, but e.g. `"min"`, `"max"`, `"Q95"`). ([#82](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/82))
#### Minor user-visible changes
......@@ -43,7 +44,7 @@
- The `.FortranOutputs()` function is no longer exported in the namespace.
- `RunModel_GR1A()` now uses the Fortran version of the model code. This code is no longer duplicated: the R version which was used was removed. ([#65](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/65))
- Character argument verification now use partial matching in `PE_Oudin()` and `SeriesAggreg()` functions. ([#37](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/37))
- `RunModel_()` funcions were cleaned up, with no effect on their outputs. ([#14](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/14))
- `RunModel_*()` funcions were cleaned up, with no effect on their outputs. ([#14](https://gitlab.irstea.fr/HYCAR-Hydro/airgr/-/issues/14))
#### Version control and issue tracking
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